Monday, August 01, 2005

W is for weddings

This past Saturday the kidlets, hubby and I headed out to Daly City for my grandfather's birthday celebration. Unfortunately we had to leave early because little girl was getting a bit cranky, but I heard that one of my cousins announced his engagement and upcoming wedding a year from this coming September. I'm very happy for him and his fiancee. Hopefully his wedding will spell the end to wedding for a while. We've had two or three wedding for the past three years, and two next year. I'm a bit wedding'd out, you know? I was able to figure out how to convert my belt pattern into a PDF and have put it up online. You can find the link in my sidebar. I have a max transfer of 10mb a day which is nothing, so if you can't access it, I have posted it here. Ah the joys of trying to spend the least amount of money to host my stuff online. I decided to name the belt "Tidal" as it was suggested my Elfknitter over at the knittyboards. I like the name! If anyone decided to make one, email me with any questions and confusions, and send me a pic. I'd love to see it. I didn't complete any projects, but I did get some more stitch markers up at Etsy, and mocked-up a necklace wire for wearing stitch markers. I think the idea will work. My goal this week is to complete my daughter's modified Lelah top, and bring Cold Shoulder close to completion. I'm heading out to a Stitch and Bitch tonight, so hopefully I can get a lot accomplished!


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Make sure you list yourself on the free knitting patterns webring. The patterns will be an instant hit I'm sure.


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