Friday, July 29, 2005

"Whistle while we work..."

Thank you for all the kind compliments and support on my belt design. Some people have suggested I submit it to Knitty. However, since I published the photo on my blog, I can't submit it to Knitty, or any of the other online knitting zines. I will write up the pattern and offer it up on this blog, and my other free pattern blog. More details on that later. The comments on the belt have gotten me motivated to get together a couple of other designs I've been working on. Perhaps one of them will be submitted. Got to get crackin' on that. Has anyone looked at the new Vogue Knitting magazine? In their section on new and fun notions, books, etc. there's a piece on a woman who makes stitch markers and offers up a neck wire (necklace) wear you can string your stitch markers and wear them. Now, I'm not sure how much she's charging for this ensemble, but I figured out a way to do the same thing for cheap. If you go to your local craft or bead store you can get memory wire in necklace size. Cut yourself off a piece, bend the wire ends up onto themselves in a loop, and voila, necklace to put your bead stitch markers on. I also found a set of ear wires that I could put some stitch markers on to make earrings. Love it! In knitting news. My Charlotte is getting longer and longer. I'm into the fourth color right now. I love working on it, but the rows are getting quite long. I'm also up to the stockinette body of the Cold Shoulder. It's not that interesting to talk about, as it is all stockinette in the round. I have been so bored with the stockinette, I started a little mini-project for my daughter. I converted the Lelah pattern to the 12 month size. It's going very fast. I'm going to add straps to it. She should look very cute in it!


Blogger amylovie said...

Your shawl is incredible!

I love the idea of a stitch marker necklace. That would make a wonderful gift for a knitter. Maybe you could sell some on Etsy.

You are on the homeward stretch of the Cold Shoulder. You'll be done in no time.

Seeing some of your designs, you are a shoe-in on Knitty.


7/29/2005 10:13:00 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

There's a new Vogue out?!?! Okay breathe. I'm breathing. whew...I'm now remembering I have a subscription and that's what's keeping me from running over to the magazine section (I'm at B&N since there's no high-speed in my rinky-dink town)...seriously, my heart rate went up when I read that line.

7/29/2005 02:36:00 PM  
Blogger Erica said...

That's so cool that you decided on Tidal for the name (I'm elf knitter in the forum by the way) Thanks for posting the pattern..I went right over and downloaded it...I'll make it eventually and post a picture with credit to you for the pattern.

Best of luck with getting your designs in Knitty! ;)


8/01/2005 09:38:00 PM  

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