Friday, July 22, 2005

I've been double tagged!

Ever played dodgeball and been hit with two balls at the same time? After this would happen to me, I'd stand there a bit dazed, wondering what the heck just happened. I've felt the same way today, but I've recovered and I'm ready to play! Ok so Meme #1 sent to me by Jess. It's a walk down memory lane. What was I doing... 10 years ago? I was just about to begin my senior year at Saint Mary's College of CA. I was living on campus in the upperclassmen townhouses. It was supposed to be an awesome year living with my friends, but it turned into drama central. The good thing that came out of the year was meeting my husband. He was my neighbor. We shared a balcony. We first really noticed each other at the first "dance/party" of the year called Jamaica me Crazy. I was dancing on a table... Everyone was dancing... The rest is history. 5 years ago? I was preparing to change schools. I had been working at a private high school in Oakland but had just moved to the Walnut Creek/Concord area and got a job at a local private high school 15 minutes from my house. We also were putting in air conditioning in our house. Lost a whole batch of wine that year to the heat. We also got our third cat, Hazel. As a kitten she used to nurse on herself and would wrap herself around my head at night. That was also the year that our back fence blew down, and we did lots of other home improvement stuff. Ah the joys of home ownership. 1 year ago? I was hugely pregnant with DD and was set to deliver in a couple of weeks. Being pregnant through the heat of the summer... yeah not cool. I also quit my teaching gig to stay home with the kidlets. I remember being a bit freaked out by the loss of income and structure to my day. yesterday? I was shuttling DS back and forth to his speech preschool. We also tried to walk to our subdivision's park but had to come back home as they are renovating it. I also sold another stitch marker set off of Etsy, and made a few more designs. I did a bit of knitting on my belt design, and watched the reality show "Hooking Up." Interesting show! We also learned that a long-time friend of my husband is getting married. today? I've been doing stuff for DS's regular preschool. I'm on the board. I've also been playing Star Wars with the boy, and dancing with little girl. We've got errands to run today, chief of which is getting money out for the fiber show tomorrow! tomorrow? FIBER SHOW!!!!!! 5 snacks I enjoy: Little Debbie Marshmellow pies, cheddar cheese chips, pretzels, salami, cherries 5 bands and singers for which I know most of their stuff: BonJovi (blush), Depeche Mode, Sting (double blush), Alice in Chains, Metallica. I like lots of stuff, but these come to mind What would I do with 100,000,000? Pay off my house, buy hubby and myself awesome cars, pay off our parents' debts, invest, set up trusts for my kidlets, travel, donate to charities, maybe set up one of my own 5 locations I'd run away to: Ireland, Australia, Carribean Islands, I can't think of another one... 5 bad habits: I have to pick at scabs (gross but have to do it), drink soda everyday, check my email obsessively, throw things on my desk and forget about them, I don't always shut my drawers all the way. Drives my husband crazy... 5 things I like doing: knit, bead, read, watch movies, play with the kidlets 5 things I would never wear: thong underwear (who needs that kind of irritation?), 4 inch heels, knee high boots (I'm a bit bowlegged and that just makes it worse), blush, thongs with heels (what's up with those?) 5 TV shows I like: Anything CSI, Anything Law and Order, Project Runway, Project Greenlight, Deadwood (and Carnivale) 5 Movies I like: I could go on and on here but if forced to choose... Vertigo, Rear Window, The Matrix, Jaws, Braveheart 5 famous people I'd like to meet: St. Thomas Aquinas, Johnny Depp, Katherine Hepburn, Elvis, Shakespeare 5 biggest joys at the moment: My kids, my husband, watching sunsets on my deck, singing songs with my kids, eating ice cream out of the carton 5 favorite toys: swift, ball winder, my new thread zapper(burns and cuts beading thread close to the work), computer, spindles Now I've got to tag three people... Hmmm, I think I'll tag Amylovie, Kate, and Christie! As for the second tag, I'll post the answers to that one tomorrow!


Blogger Christie said...

Ok! I like this meme! I love your answers! Rear Window is one of my favorite movies! Can someone try to figure out that white halter top that she's wearing with the pencil skirt? FAB~U~LOUS! And that white dress...

7/23/2005 01:15:00 AM  

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