Monday, April 18, 2005

Spinning like a top!

That pretty much describes my life right now as well as a package that came in the mail today!!! First, things have been rather hectic in my house. My MIL came to town for a visit this weekend which is busy. We didn't really do anything, but it's just another person in the house which always seems to add activity. She really enjoyed her time with the kids, getting in a lot of bonding time. Then, I'm working two days this week at my DS's preschool, which is a parent coop. I've got childcare for my DD on one of the days, but have to take her in the Baby Bjorn on the other. I've never worked at the school while wearing my youngest, so I'm planning on having a very sore back on that day. On the positive side, I won't have to work at the school next week, so that'll be good. Of course DS has been having some separation anxiety for the past few weeks at school, so I haven't really been able to leave him on the days I don't work. It's been a bummer for DD as school hours include her first nap. Ah, the juggling act of having more than one child. Now for the lowdown on the package. My kids "bought" me a Cascade spindle and a pound of wool to practice with for Mother's Day. They are so sweet!!! :) The spindle is a Little Si which is supposed to be a good learning spindle. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to start playing around with it. I got a bunch of undyed roving so that I could not only practice spinning, but also noodle around with dyeing too. Very exciting!! My DH now says that I can't complain about his hobby, fantasy football, as my yarn/beading hobby has taken over life and half of our closet. He said all this with a smile. I'm lucky that he's supportive of my addictions!!


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What a thoughtful Mother's Day gift. I'm impressed with your

Good luck at preschool!


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