Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wearing 18 pound child in Backpack makes a...

sore back. Preschool started up again for DS, and he had a meltdown. Here's a child who absolutely loved school. Basically, he ignored me as soon as we entered the place before. He asked me every day during spring break if today was a "school day." Woke up yesterday, ran out of his room yelling "School Day, School Day!" Got to school, and suddenly out pops the big tears. The teacher says that I can go, and that he'll be fine. I get home, put my 8 month old DD down for a nap, and get a call from the school. He's still upset, and can I come down to school. Oh no. Wake up DD who had been sleeping a whopping 10 minutes. Put her in the car, drive back down to school. Get out my Kelty Backpack that is really set up for hiking. Put DD in it, who still looks bleary eyed. Once I open the gate to the preschool, I see DS crying and being held by the teacher. He wants to leave, but I have to do yard duty which starts in an hour. We stay and he gets in the swing of things, but consequently, I'm wearing DD in the backpack for almost three hours. Plus, she gets mad around the end of the day because she's tired and is having trouble sleeping in the backpack. Aiyah!!! Needless to say, I woke up the morning with sore shoulders and a sore back. Blech! Here are some pics I took on Monday, of my knitting progress. The rollover pulli is going ok. I'm not sure I'm going to be thrilled with the finished product, but it's for my mother who likes things big and comfy. This will probably suffice for her. I like things with a bit more shaping.


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