Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stop me before I start another project!

Egads! I told myself that I wasn't going to start another project until I finished another one that I have on the needles. Now, I've got four projects on the needles currently: the Hello Kitty handbag, my son's blanket, Honeymoon Cami, and my mother's roll-neck sweater. If I'm realistic, my son's blanket is going to take forever, and my mother's sweater is really a cooler weather project. In order to keep my internal promise, I really should finish the handbag or the Honeymoon Cami. Here's the problem. I recently bought one of those lacy tank top deals that people have been wearing under cardigans, and so need a cardigan to wear over mine. I've been thinking about knitting Stephanie Japel's mini-sweater for this purpose. I've got the yarn for it, but not really the time. What to do? I think I'll knit like mad through the weekend and try to ward off temptation until Monday. Do I have such willpower? We'll see!


Blogger amylovie said...

I think most knitters bite off more than they can chew. I personally have 8 projects on the back burner calling my name. I try to tackle them one at a time.
Be comforted in the fact that you are not alone!

BTW...I LOVE the mini sweater. I've had my eye on it too.


3/31/2005 08:09:00 PM  

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