Sunday, May 15, 2005

Three little tidbits

Last week I entered a contest put on by Bliss. I guessed a sitcom quote correctly and she gifted me with this lovely Opal sock yarn in beautiful blue colors. Thanks Bliss! I also bought my first copy of the Spin Off magazine. Very interesting articles. Now I just need to buy a book on how to use my hand spindle... It's sick. I'm drooling over some beautiful hand spindles, and haven't even spun my first yarn yet. As for the book in the picture, well I left the house without a book or knitting when taking DS to preschool. So I'm sitting in my car with DD taking a nap in the back and find myself with nothing to do. I go to the grocery store and buy this Debbie Macomber book because I'm desperate for something to do, and it features knitting. I'm enjoying it actually. It's a fast read and fun. As for the third tidbit, I'm in desperate need of some suggestions for good movies to see. DH and I have rented some atrocious ones lately. Why DH thought Blade Trinity, National Treasure, and Darkness were good ideas is beyond me. We'll pretty much watch any genre.


Blogger amber said...

Some good movies I've seen lately (I love netflix):

*Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (I liked it)
*The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
*Hotel Rwanda
*Finding Neverland
*Dial M for Murder
*My Life Without Me
*6 Feet Under (HBO series that is on DVD)
*Arrested Development (TV series on DVD as well)

Any how.. that should keep you busy for a bit :)


5/19/2005 11:29:00 AM  

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