Thursday, June 16, 2005

"You are what you love, not what loves you."

Now if that is true, then I would be about my family and friends, yarn, beads, books, the color purple, purses, shoes, and Cheddar Cheese flavored Ruffles. I've indulged a few of these loves with some money I came into for my birthday. I love everything I got, but am especially intrigued with the bead spinner. The way it works is you put beads into the bowl, string a special needle with your thread and then spin the bowl while holding the needle in the bowl. The beads "jump" onto the needle and thus cuts down on stringing time. Pretty neat, huh? I got it from the friendly folks at Earthfaire. If you are interested in knitting with beads, those are the folks to go to! About my "next project" dilemma... well... ahem, I've decided to start three projects. I also ordered some Jo Sharp yarn for the Cold Shoulder sweater. Thanks Amylovie for the heads up on the Herschnerr's sale! So, I already cast on for a children's neckdown pullover for my son, and have plans to wind some skeins for a one-skein wonder and Charlotte's web. Yes, I'm crazy. We'll see how it goes!


Blogger amylovie said...

Ha! My coaxing worked! What color did you pick for your fabulous CS?

I have the Metro Bag from Boogie Knits. Hmmm....are you my twin separated from birth??


6/16/2005 06:12:00 PM  

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