Friday, May 20, 2005

It's a sunshiny day!

Thank you to everyone who sent good health wishes. DD and I are feeling much better, and DH didn't get the ick. We are all thankful! Today is gorgeous here, so I have high hopes for DS's birthday party at the park tomorrow. I'm ready for it to start getting warm and sunny. I thought I'd post the finished bridal jewelry for my SIL's wedding. The pic doesn't capture the pearly sheen of the white bracelet, but it's very pretty. The red bracelet is what all the bridesmaids will be wearing. Her color is that lovely deep red. I hope she likes them. I plan to show them to her at DS's party. The design is mine and kind of a modified right angle weave stitch. I also got a lovely RAK package from Slipstitch. She fed my irrational love of all things Hello Kitty. I love all of the stuff, but I especially like the Hello Kitty puffy stickers. There's a sticker for each member of Hello Kitty's family. Too Cute! I think a chocolate didn't make it's way into the pic. I suspect DH has confiscated it. Thanks Slipstitch!!!!!


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