Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where do lost things go? I mean really...

Thank you for all the supportive comments on my article and commiseration about the insomnia. Luckily, the insomnia only lasted one night. I'm feeling much better today. Of course, I'm having another "What the..." moment today, however. I picked up the boy from one of his schools, and walked both my kids out to the car. I swear to you, little girl had on BOTH of her shoes. We had some shenanigans to get them both in the car, as someone was trying to get out of his car on little girl's side, so I had to try to carry her and get the boy into his seat. Somewhere between getting the boy into his seat and getting little girl into hers I lost her left shoe. I didn't notice that this happened until after I got home. I first assumed she had pried it off in the car, but I ransacked my car and it's not there. I called my mother, who lives closer to the school, and she went out there to check it out. No shoe in the parking lot where I was parked, no shoe in the lost and found, no shoe brought to the office. The shoe, my friends, has vanished. Now, you know how expensive shoes are. Guess what I'm going to be doing tomorrow while the boy is at school. That's right, there's a children's shoe store with my name all over it. Her left shoe is now laughing at me. On a positive note, I've received my September stitch markers from the stitch marker swap. They are very pretty and I'll be posting a pic soon. I will also be posting pics of the state of Hopeful and the Oh Sherri Cardi as well. I do have one picture for you today. Last week, or the week before that I was reading Wendy's blog about a bracelet she bought. I don't remember the online boutique that she bought it from, but I do remember it being a very pretty crackle glass bracelet. She said it was called the Gin and Tonic bracelet. I went browing on the boutique's website, I wish I could remember the name... Anyways, I saw my favorite drink, the Midori Sour. Well, being that I have a huge bead stash of my own, I figured I could make one of my own. I like how it turned out, and it is a bit different than the one made by the boutique. I used Afican Jade and Red Coral and a fun sterling silver toggle clasp.


Blogger yahaira said...

I like your bracelet! but if you are still searching the store wendy was talking about was zephyrstyle. she also got some stitch markers there

hope you find girl's shoe, maybe you'll find my watch along with it

9/15/2005 01:57:00 PM  
Blogger amylovie said...

I think kids loose stuff just to drive one more nail in our coffin. It drives me insane when I can't find stuff.

I think the bracelet is beautiful. I love the color combo.


9/15/2005 07:17:00 PM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

I'm looking forward to my September stitch markers, I'd love to see a picture of yours! Great bracelet, the description adds to its beauty!

9/15/2005 08:27:00 PM  
Blogger Pioggia said...

It is a beautiful bracelet and the combination looks great. I'm curious about guatemalan jade. Have you found any? My sister in-law buys lots of jade stuff in Guatemala and then re-sells it in Spain. Sorry about your little girl's shoe. Luckily, as she grows up she'll be even more careful about her things than her brother.

9/16/2005 05:34:00 PM  
Blogger Sharlene said...

We can't find one of my youngest's pairs of shoes anywhere! Both me and the dh remember him actually arriving home in the shoes, but where he put them after he took them off is a complete mystery. We both now swearing that he secreted them off to the garbage can someone. I mean really, we have a small house, and small kids... how can they just vanish like that???

9/17/2005 11:16:00 AM  

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