Thursday, June 02, 2005

Shop smart! Shop S Mart!

Ok, the post title has nothing whatsoever to do with my latest activities, but I've been downloading some screen wallpaper for my computer and came across one for the film Army of Darkness. That movie is hilarious! We even named one of our cats after the main character... Weird, I know. My Kool-Aid dyeing adventure went pretty well. I just test dyed a few very small skeins to get the concept. I like it! I want to do more bigger skeins now! I used Fisherman's Wool and the Kool-Aid flavors Lemon-Lime and Blue Moon Berry. I'm thinking about making a small cellphone case with it and maybe felting it? I'm not sure. I used the microwave method instead of the stove-top and was quite happy with the results. Besides, if I was to use the stove-top, it would have taken too long. My kids' naps are only so long. I also finished I Do, but she is in dire need of blocking. I really like it, and think after blocking it will be quite nice. Plans this weekend include blocking and pics to come soon! We also went to the zoo last weekend with the kidlets which was loads of fun. I just love the meerkat exhibit. A couple of years ago we got to see the new litter of meerkat babies. They were so adorable! My DS made us laugh like crazy at the warthog enclosure. They are very smelly and DS kept complaining about the "poo-poo" smell and asking if they needed a "new diaper."


Blogger Pioggia said...

I'm happy to see that your Kool-Aid yarn turned out OK. Felting it is a great idea, I wouls felt a swatch first to avoid size surprises after feltin.

6/06/2005 03:57:00 PM  

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