Thursday, November 10, 2005

If something's marked clearance shouldn't it be at a significant discount?

So I went to my local Michael's yesterday, expecting just some cheap retail therapy, and ended up getting really irritated. Not good. I found a section of books marked "clearance" up in front of the store, so I started to go through them. I found a book published by Leisure Arts that looked to be in fairly decent condition. The publisher's price read $19.95, but the front cover had a big discount sticker on it. Of course, I pick it up. So when I go to the checkout and the clerk starts scanning my items, I notice that the "Clearance" book comes up full price. I ask the clerk about it, she gets confused and goes to talk to the floor manager. I'm fully expecting her to come back and say there's a mistake, and the book is actually $10 or something. Oh no. Turns out the store manager needs to clear out some stock room so put the books up marked as clearance, but is really still selling them at FULL PRICE! WTH? I, of course, tell the clerk I'm not interested in the book. She leans in and says she understands. That just seems like false advertising to me. If something is marked clearance, it should be clearance! OK, enough ranting and complaining. I finished the Boy's Christmas stocking and am in the process of casting on for Little Girl's. I also got one knitted gift done, and am working on a Sophie Bag for another gift. I'm feeling good; I'm on a roll. I'll post pictures later today. I did find out that I need to bring a Christmas themed white elephant gift to the Boy's preschool Board's Holiday get together/meeting, so the next gift I make should probably address that. I've got two balls of Sugar and Cream in Mistletoe and a book full of dishcloth patterns to take care of that one though. There's also an interesting conversation going on at Kerstin's blog about women and the ideal of the 50s housewife. Interesting stuff. I've thought about the topic many times since I started work, then had a family and made the decision to stay home. Check it out if you're interested. The posts are interesting, and the comments are really intriguing.


Blogger amylovie said...

How annoying! That doesn't make a lick of sense.

Chilean goodies, how fun. Is there an sock knitter in you waiting to burst forth?


11/10/2005 10:48:00 AM  

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