Thursday, January 05, 2006

Can you imagine having a roomie that looked like this?

After reading about the horrendous avatars being created after reading JenLa's blog, I had to make one. Can you imagine showing up to college and finding out you have to room with this? I think I'd immediately put in for a roomie change.


Blogger amylovie said...

The pet rat would do it for me.


1/05/2006 07:44:00 AM  
Blogger jenifleur said...

Yick. Yeah, you've got a point. And the loose rat seals it.

1/05/2006 08:19:00 AM  
Blogger margene said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha...very ugly;-)

1/05/2006 09:04:00 AM  
Blogger Christie said...

Is that a rat? Hee hee hee !

1/05/2006 10:12:00 AM  
Blogger Whit said...

Hey - I think she WAS my first roommate.... horrifying year.

1/05/2006 11:43:00 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

at least she doesn't have a "live-in" boyfriend sitting in the corner.

1/05/2006 02:56:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Oh my God! She totally lived in the apartment above mine my last year in law school!


1/05/2006 03:26:00 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

I think I'd prefer the rat for a roommate.

1/05/2006 06:44:00 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

Scary. So glad I don't have to have roommates any more! (At least, the kind that's not my spouse or my progeny.) Nice kool-aid yarn you're spinning up, too! Happy New Year!

1/06/2006 06:56:00 AM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...


1/06/2006 03:16:00 PM  
Blogger littlelixie said...

Hello! Just caught sight of your handspun - it'll all even out after the twist's been set. Lovely colours! Looking forward to seeing the hat. x

1/06/2006 11:31:00 PM  
Blogger knittinmom said...

Aaah! I think I'd be applying for a single ASAP!

1/07/2006 11:45:00 AM  
Blogger Pioggia said...

Actually, the rat is the only thing I liked. But I'm weird like that. I did have a pet rat when in college. I got prior agreement from my roomate, though.

1/07/2006 01:03:00 PM  

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